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IncognitoPvP Annual PvP Tournament Championship 2019

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Fluctis Hosting to host this summer our first IncognitoPvP Annual PvP Tournament Championship 2019 where all the best pvpers and players gather to fight each other! All players will fight in 1v1 environments with staff supervision, all players will be allowed to spectate the fights! Winners of 1v1 fights, will move on to fight another winners of 1v1s and make their way up to semi-finals and finals! We will have two types of tournaments running back-to-back! 'F2P Tournament' is for everyone to enter and it has basic requirements to enter and $150 worth of prizes! Champions Tournament is for players with Bronze, Silver or Gold rank and higher stats requirements and $350 worth of prizes! ...

Your suggestion!

We are always listing to your suggestions!
We develope and change the server around your suggestion and ideas! You can submit your suggestion in our Discord channel 'suggestion' with a little neat command that allows another users to up vote and down vote your suggestion! 

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Season 2 Vanity Pack Is Now Out!

Season 2 Vanity Pack is now out!
Pick up your vanity pack now before Season 2 is over!
Only items inside the Season 2 Vanity Pack can be obtained by Season 2 Vanity Pack!
Once it's gone, it's gone forever!

You can join our Discord here:

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